Thursday, 12 September 2013

Community Tree Planting — 9 am, 5 October 2013

Members of the Friends at one of our earlier planting days.
Come along and plant a tree!

Members of the public will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the revival and improvement of Peacehaven in October. 

On Saturday, 5 October, Toowoomba Landcare Group, together with the Friends of Peacehaven Botanic Park and Toowoomba Regional Council will host a community tree planting day in Peacehaven Botanic Park.

In an area of existing, large eucalyptus trees, about 200 native shrubs and ground story plants will be established. This will result in a pocket of bush representing the layered vegetation of a native dry sclerophyll forest that once dominated our local landscape.

Everybody is welcome from 9am to help with planting. All tools and gloves will be supplied and volunteers can enjoy a free sausage sizzle after the activity.

Our community nursery will be open and it will also be an opportunity to take a walk through the park to see recent developments.

(For those who’ve always wondered sclerophyll is derived from the Greek sklēros hard  and phullon a leaf. Sclerophyllous plants are prominent throughout Australia, the Mediterranean Basin, Californian woodlands, Chilean Matorral, and the Cape Province of South Africa.)

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